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Black Friday Special: get 50% off web hosting!

HostGator is offering all hosting plans at 50% off. If you’ve been thinking about building a website or switching to a new host, now would be a great time to do it! I use HostGator for my site, and I’ve always been happy with the service. They purchase Renewable Energy Certificates for 130% of the energy used by their servers, which is nice because I try to use green energy and take care of our planet wherever possible. They have an uptime guarantee too, and will give you a refund if your website is down for more than .01% of the time in any given month, so they stand by their service. Additionally, they are a great host to use for WordPress. For more details on this deal and their hosting service, go to Hurry though, this deal ends at midnight!

7 essential free plugins for your WordPress website

WordPress pluginsNo matter what type of website or blog you have, these plugins have something to offer. These are the plugins I find myself using over and over again on the sites I develop. Download these plugins at the URLs provided, or simply go to Plugins from your WordPress dashboard. Click on Add New and then type the names exactly into the search box. The search function isn’t that great, so if you don’t type them in exactly, they might not come up. For example, if you type “contact buddy” instead of “contactbuddy,” you won’t find it. Nothing’s perfect!
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Get a free contact form for your WordPress website


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Every small business website needs a contact form. It’s important to give potential customers a way to contact you if they have questions. You could just list your email address right on your website, but if you don’t want to start getting a lot of spam, that’s not a good idea. Shady spammers use robots to search the internet for the email addresses of unsuspecting victims, and scrape them up for their email spam lists. I certainly wouldn’t want to do anything to invite spam into my inbox! Using a contact form gives visitors a way to contact you without putting your email address (and your sanity) at risk.

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Back that thing up

stressed out Yes, I realize that my post title is reminiscent of a certain comical rap song, but this is actually a very serious matter. How would you feel if your business website disappeared? Your website is a valuable asset, and you probably don’t want to waste days or weeks rebuilding it.

Last week, I had the unfortunate experience of accidentally erasing my work. I had just installed WordPress and was beginning to format a website for a client. I always make sure that every website I build has a backup system, but I had just gotten started and hadn’t yet installed one. I was simply trying to add an image–nothing dangerous that should have had me worried about backing up the site first. But, before I knew what was happening, the program I was using to access the site crashed! In the process, it took down some important files that the site needs to run, and I had to start all over again. I was left scrambling to catch up in order to keep the client’s project on track. Needless to say, I learned an important lesson.

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