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SPAM: a funny word with serious implications

A few days ago I got an email from a website where I had been doing some personal, non-business-related shopping. I had been looking for some supplies for craft projects, and in order to see the price of the items in question, I was asked to submit my email address. This was annoying, but it looked like they might be giving better discounts than other websites, so I put in my email address. Of course I knew they would start sending me marketing emails, but I thought, “Oh well, I’ll just unsubscribe as soon as I get the first one.”

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5 Cyber Monday deals for small businesses

I’ve put together a small collection of deals for Cyber Monday. These discounts all end at midnight tonight, so get to it!

1. Web Hosting
HostGator is the host I use and recommend. They’ve always been great with customer service and I’ve never had a problem with downtime. They’re also an environmentally friendly host. For Cyber Monday they’re offering 50% off a hosting plan! Sign up for 3 years to get the best deal. If you’re building a new website, or just thinking about changing hosts, I highly recommend them. Check out HostGator!

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