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7 essential free plugins for your WordPress website

WordPress pluginsNo matter what type of website or blog you have, these plugins have something to offer. These are the plugins I find myself using over and over again on the sites I develop. Download these plugins at the URLs provided, or simply go to Plugins from your WordPress dashboard. Click on Add New and then type the names exactly into the search box. The search function isn’t that great, so if you don’t type them in exactly, they might not come up. For example, if you type “contact buddy” instead of “contactbuddy,” you won’t find it. Nothing’s perfect!
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How2: avoid counting yourself in Google Analytics reports

How 2 TutorialsIf you’re using Google Analytics to learn more about visitors to your website, you want the statistical reports to be as accurate as possible. Google Analytics is really pretty cool, and you can learn a lot about where your visitors are from, what browsers or mobile phones they’re using to view your website, how long they spent on your site, and what keywords they typed into Google to find you. However, if you want an accurate view of things so this information will actually be helpful, it’s best to exclude yourself from Google Analytics.┬áThink about it. If you’re visiting your website a lot and spending a lot of time updating it (which you could very well be if you’re blogging on a regular basis), you’ll be counted as a visitor in the reports and it could really skew the results. So, in this post I’m going to show you how to remove yourself from Google Analytics reports.

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